Our Spring Masterclasses 2017

We are running half-day Masterclasses on different business and communications-related topics in 2017. We are using a number of different venues around Dublin, including Dublin Chamber of Commerce. You don’t have to be a member of the Chamber to attend our Masterclasses. They are open to every professional/employee who feels the need to upskill in some area! On this VIDEO Ellen Gunning gives a quick overview of the content and trainers for the six classes below.

Podcasting: Your Secret Storytelling Tool

Date: Thursday, June 1st
Location: T.B.D.
Teacher: Heather MacLeod is currently Production Manager with a well-known Dublin radio station. In her career, she has also been involved in many independent radio productions sponsored by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. An accomplished podcast trainer, her style is direct, authoritative and dynamic.

About this course: Podcasting is a powerful tool that allows you to engage your customers when they want it, where they want it and how they want it. This half-day interactive class will help you master the skills needed to produce an effective podcast, as well as teach you helpful tips on how to keep your listeners actively engaged.

Topics Covered:
– we will teach you how to structure a good podcast
– learn how to create interesting content
– identify your listeners and know what they are interested in
– focus on the message you are delivering through your podcast; what do you want your listeners to take away?
– how to build a long-lasting relationship with your target audience

Learning Outcomes: Participants will develop a more in depth knowledge on how to produce an effective podcast and the tricks that go into making the message resonate with your listeners. You will leave this class with the skills to create a powerful podcast that will give your business a competitive edge.

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Success Begins With a Killer Brand

Date: T.B.D.
Location: T.B.D.
Teacher: Philip O’Meara is a Marketing Consultant, with over 20 years’ experience, at General Motors, PepsiCo, Cadbury and Kerry Foods, up to Marketing Director level. He has recently set up his own company, Pathbridge Consulting, to help clients grow their business through branding and marketing practices.

About this course: Building a brand is the first step on your business roadmap to success. This half-day interactive class walks you through the key aspects to building a successful brand that your customers will know and love. Join us and learn how to create your very own timeless brand.

Topics Covered:
– Focus on your customers experience
– uncover what’s unique about your product or service
– identify where, when and how to connect with your customers
– learn proven techniques to ensure your brand delivers on its promise to consumers

Learning outcomes: You will learn how to set out a path for building your brand, along with some tools and techniques to help you bridge the gap between where you are today and your future brand vision.

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Use Your Brain Power: Creativity is Key

Date: Saturday, May 27th 9:45AM -1PM
Location: The Merrion Buildings, Merrion Street
Teacher: Lillian Courtney is Ireland’s up and coming no. 1 Mentor, Business Strategist, Thought Leader, Business & Personal Life Coach. Lillian is a director of the International Coaching Federation and has worked in the multinational area for 30 years. She is co-authoring a global coaching book with 10 different coaches from around the world.

About this course: The word creativity is illustrated differently in each person’s mind. We all have a different form of creativity within us. This half-day class will allow you to harness your inner creative mind and channel it into a way that can positively impact your business.

Topics Covered:
– learn how to use your creativity to bring out innovative ideas
– take advantage of your creativity to influence a new mindset
– practice implementing your creative ideas alongside your strategic thinking
– focus on how you are able to create change with your creative mindset
– Understand what type of change your new mindset can bring to your business

Learning Outcomes: You will leave with a multitude of new techniques that will help you to think outside of the box, as well as gain a new sense of appreciation for what creativity and innovation can bring to a business. If you let it, this class can permanently change the way you think about your business.

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Become A Radio Interviewee Guru

Date: Thursday June 8, 9:30am-1PM
Location: Dublin City FM, East Wall Road
Teacher: Mick Hanley is CEO of Dublin City fm with over two decades of experience in radio. Mick is a well-known radio commentator, presenting his own radio show and interviewing people on regular basis. He has been giving our Radio Training courses for over a decade.

About this course: This half-day class will teach you that being prepared for an interview is not enough. The strategies behind how you speak, as well as the small details in the answers that you give, can have a big impact in shaping opinion about your organization. This class will teach you how to master your media presence as well as optimize your media interactions.

Topics Covered:
– learn to anticipate the questions the radio interviewer is going to ask
– practice techniques on how to handle the awkward ones
– learn how to say everything you need to say in your interview
– develop the skills required to get your message across

*You will also practice, in studio, behind the microphone, have your answers critiqued in playback, and keep the MP3 with your recordings at the end of the workshop!

Learning Outcomes: You will leave Dublin City fm with all the keys to success of mastering a radio interview. Not only will you learn how to prepare information, but also the techniques allowing you to craft the message you hope to get across. You will have gained the confidence to be a well-rounded, polished interviewee!

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How to Manage an Event to Perfection

Date: Thursday, June 8th – 5.30pm – 9 pm
Location: Maldron Hotel, Pearse St.
Teacher: Jenny Murray has worked in the Event industry for 8 years managing and co-ordinating a wide range of corporate and sporting events. She also handles weddings, communions and private dinner parties. She has recently set up her own event management business targeting both the wedding and corporate event markets.

About this course: Event management focuses on the key aspects of an event that make it successful and make people interested in going. This class will teach you all the fundamental details that must be in place, but it will also explore all of the aspects that will make your event memorable.

Topics Covered:
– Look at the importance of time-scaling, budgeting, and detailing an event beforehand
– Recognize the importance of planning in reducing stress
– Focus on current trends and discover what people are looking to get out of an event
– Learn how to make your event attractive and stand out

Learning Outcomes: When you leave this class you will have expanded your knowledge of event planning to include the secret details that will make your event go smoothly and also sell out!

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All about Delivery: The Power Behind Presentations

Date: June 16 2PM-5:30 PM
Location: Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Clare Street
Teacher: Ellen Gunning is the country’s leading public relations and communications trainer. With 30 years’ experience, her style of delivery and depth of content are always highly commended. Ellen is the founding director of the Irish Academy of Public Relations, a Fellow of the PRII and past National Chairperson of the International PR Association.

About this course: Presenting or reporting in front of an audience is never easy; you may lack confidence, forget to cover key aspects, or fail to deliver your message. This class is designed to teach you the fundamentals behind giving a good presentation and then allow you a chance to practice what you’ve learned. We will record your presentation and then watch it back with you to critique for improvements.

Topics Covered:
– Learn some key tricks and practices that will calm your nerves and boost your confidence when presenting
– Practice techniques that will ensure you cover all of your points and are able to say what you want to say
– Work on preparing your own presentation and then deliver it while we record you (you will be able to keep the recording)
– Look for improvements in your presentation and get counsel from the instructor

Learning Outcomes: At the end of this class you will feel more comfortable and prepared for the next time you need to speak publicly. You will also leave with a good understanding of what your problem points are, as well as useful tools and tricks to help you combat them.

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