Our vision is a world where organisations communicate effectively with all of their stakeholders. We bring our expert trainers into your organisation to teach you how to communicate effectively, in simple language, to a wide range of stakeholders, via traditional and digital media.

irish academy corporate training classCorporate Training

Ellen Gunning gave her first corporate training session as part of a course for Gardaí, organised by FX Carty at DIT Aungier Street, Dublin in 1985. She has been training ever since. When she formed the Irish Academy of Public Relations in 1991 the training was incorporated under that banner. There have been a lot of changes since the early days and we now have a range of courses and experts to help your company be the best in the business!

sean duke irish academy corporate trainingRange of courses

We are training specialists and will create a course which specifically addresses the needs of your organisation. Our courses are always practical and interactive. Our aim is to enhance the skillsets of your team. Our trainers are highly skilled professionals whose expertise is at your disposal. You will get first-hand experience from passionate experts who are ready to teach you everything there is to know about their area of expertise. Whether it is communications, strategy or design sprint, we will bring cutting-edge, world class training to your team.

irish academy corporate training class 2Our trainers

We are extraordinarily fortunate to have a team of trainers who are established experts in their field. We have trainers in communications, strategy, coaching, design sprint, social media, television and radio. All of our trainers work in their field of expertise on a daily basis. They are passionate about what they do.

irish academy corporate training specialisationSpecialisations

All of our courses are bespoke. Their content is determined by the needs of our clients. We have provided training on how to manage events, write press releases and structure newsletters. We have prepared clients for radio and television interviews, taught others to pitch for business and trained more on how to deliver winning presentations. We have helped companies create their own stylebooks and trained others to manage social media effectively. We have helped to create strategic plans, created room for less busyness and more strategy, and facilitated creativity in the decision making process. These are specialist areas, and our trainers are experienced professionals. Our bespoke training will meet your specific needs.

irish academy corporate training class 3We come to you

Training is offered on site. We come to you because we understand how today’s busy commercial environment can make it difficult to travel. By providing training on site, our courses are more convenient for both yourself and your colleagues. The exception is radio and television interviews. We firmly believe in bringing you to the studio. Preparing someone for aural or visual presentations is best done in studio, where audio and video recording facilities are available, and the person can experience not only the training but the environment in which their skills will be tested.